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Maplestory Background For Bannedstory

Yellow Gold 2-ch 1 - REVENGE

Here is an eternity and a half later placed in pastry!

recollection of you ^ ^ my Yellow Gold? Well .. the antecedent is this: Kame and Jin seem to have made clear their feelings. Jin, after two days in Japan he returned to America but before leaving without a ticket Kame to follow him to America where she writes about.
Kame goes to him in the dressing room, they meet, they kiss ...

The story starts from here!
Happy reading!

Author: Eos_92
Title: Yellow Gold 2
Chapter: 1 (of 2)
Rating: PG-17
Warnings: yaoi
Fandom: KAT-TUN, Jin Akanishi
Pairingis : Akame
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine! Thanks
: Sylviakun and Tenshi_no_Jin ! FICCI This is for you! Who adore the pairing! Thanks girls \u0026lt;3

Promise distance

His eyes widened blacks are, but could not see anything, Kazuya had surrounded his neck with his arms and was kissing .

He could not say anything, he could only give a touch flamboyant as best he could, even if her lips felt tired and thirsty, because he sang and shouted until a few minutes before. But was it really so? He could not remember anything.

"Aka nishi ... ..." Kazuya muttered leaving his mouth swollen and red and resting her head in the crook of his neck.

Jin was sweating, and Kazuya breathed her scent.

He could not say anything, Jin, indeed I was holding you?

He ran his hands on his back: he wore the shirt had a print on the back, it was the shirt he had left his apartment the last time I was in Japan.

greedy hands of his body went up in the slow caress her ass and squeezed.

Kazuya groaned.

Both began to get excited.

"Kame ... we do it here"

"everything you ever decide, but smiled.

"I want you, now. Please do not tell me it's the last time that I can have you "

Kazuya was breathing with difficulty.

"Please do not tell me," he kept repeating Jin, and meanwhile undid the button of his jeans and pulled down the zipper.

Kazuya shock head. No, not the last time .

Jin slid his pants and underpants down to her knees, lifted from the ground, Kazuya did pin on his shoulders, stiffening, releasing all the tension only when Jin made him sit on the table in the room.

The off his shoes and completely devoid of jeans and underwear and as he was leaving of his own existence, began to lick.

Kazuya stroked his dark hair and soft, wet with sweat and clutching a few strands at alternate times when he felt the limit. But

Jin did not come.

Kazuya opened his mouth to call his name, but he found himself gasping, desire, passion, like a vortex pointless and confusing it had become intoxicated.

The rigid body is stretched and then relaxed.

With Jin's hands stroked her thighs, knees, calves, and continued to lick, to kiss him.

"Lie down" she said firmly, and laid his hand on his chest, pressing.

Kazuya obeyed, and the table was cold, jumped.

Jin lay upon him, opened her legs and penetrated with two fingers.

"Ah ...", but his cry was muffled by the mouth of Jin, who took possession of her.

Like a game.

Their life was not just a joke.

charge looks quiet, repressed jealousy, of unspoken words ... many words unspoken. Charging the wrong words.

"Kame" Jin whispered

his name against his lips, and started to go inside him.

"Akanishi ... hurts"

"Sorry," and kissed his forehead beaded with sweat.

Kazuya clung to the other wearing white T-shirt.

Jin went completely inside of him and Kazuya's eyes widened in pain and tears rigarono cheeks.

She could not repress a cry when the other began to move.

light was still on, there was all the time, a white neon light, annoying. Where was their over the lampshade soft orange light?

They were having sex in a place that did not belong to neither.

A white door in the corridor dividing the space busy and noisy. But for some reason no sound could reach them.

last strong push, and both were.

Kazuya felt die, powerless, exhausted.

Jin left his body, took his shoulders and made him sit. They looked into my eyes.

"It's not over, right?"

"Akanishi ..." he panted, looking at him.

Stay well, stay with him, everything was so right. He could not finish, could not leave that room anonymously, leave him.

"No ... I love you, Akanishi"

He had lived twenty-four years of his life trying to suppress the strong sentiment that was urgent imperative to himself, had tried to drown him in every way, to kill him, with tears, with the music, screaming loudly, throwing himself headlong into work.

But the thought of him was so insistent.

was so true his love for Jin.

A flash of incoherent thought crossed my mind in a flash of Jin, I love you too, to die.

But he said nothing, staring at her hazel eyes, clear and empty, suffering.

She hugged him hard, "Sorry," said he does not conceal tears.

"What are you sorry?"

Jin smiled and kissed his shoulder.

Kazuya stroked his hair, then pressing a bit 'on his shoulders made him away. Jin did not object, moved away from him and picked up his clothes to him.

"Let's go to my apartment," he finally said, wiping her eyes with one hand and to fix the white door, her back to him.

Kazuya dressed in silence.


"Say You Love Me, Akanishi, tell me what you feel for me that not only is sexual desire. Tell me "

" How can this be just? "Jin turned to him and leaned against the wall, sinking his hands into the pockets of his jeans a bit 'wide.

Kazuya was put sitting on the table.

That table wet and sticky, which had been marked, stained by their love. That possesses, in its functional essence of the table, a storia, la loro storia di amore e bugie.

“Che cosa ti frena dal dirmi che mi mani?”


Ma sarebbe stato come dire: niente.

“È la distanza, Akanishi?”

Jin scosse la testa.

Kazuya parve ignorarlo, “Non ti hanno obbligato a proseguire in America, no? A lasciare il gruppo, no? Potevi rifiutarti! Se davvero mi ami, perché non l’hai fatto?”

"Enough, Kamenashi, is' Shut up!"

Kazuya stiffened.

"I said that is not the distance. This is my job, I am realizing my dream. You do not have anything to do "

" So ...? ", His voice was faint, feeble, he rose from the table and joined him, as soon as he was in front, laid her head in the hollow warm her neck and kissed him gently.

"You said you miss me, you wanted to see me. What's wrong? "

His voice was a whisper clear, clear as the blue sky.

Kazuya was going to say something, but the sound of two knuckles on the door startled them.


Jin replied in English type, not Kazuya grabbed half a word.

\u0026lt;Andiamo my appartamento, Kame> (those \u0026lt;; indicate that the character speaks in English. Nda)

Kazuya nodded, even if he did not understand anything.

And so this is your home.

"You wash, or do you sleep?"

Kazuya looked at him surprised: he had lost to scan the room, the decor, the confusion on the floor and on the small couch.

"We sleep?"

not bother him the sweat that he had stuck to the body, or residues of semen on her stomach still felt, he would have taken a shower the next day, before returning to Japan.

The bed was a square and a half, clinging to each other, they were not too uncomfortable.

Kazuya had tied her arms around his neck, and Jin, possessive, shook his life.

"When the parties?"

"Tomorrow morning, the flight of 10:00"

"Mh ... is a short time"

They were silent for a bit '. A thin drizzle broke cautious against the windowpanes. The darkness prevailed in the room, but the city was still alive.

"Kame ..."


"Now we are adults"

A Kazuya came out laughing.

"But what? I had to make a serious conversation "

" Sorry, sorry ... more "

Jin sighed," We are adults, is not it? "

" Yes, we are "

" So ... I'm ready to tell you this. In six years when your contract expires with the agency, I am willing to give up everything for you " (I know that the contract with the Johnny's enduring up to 30 years, I would have said bullshit. If someone knows something more precise, I can say? Thanks! NDA)


Kazuya pulled away a bit ', to be able to look at him, even though there was plenty of light, he could clearly see the serious look of Jin.

"But ... you just said you are making your dream!"

"In fact, I did not say give up. I do not know what the future will wait for me, but I want to be free, and I want to be free to be with you. Nothing prevents me that I can continue to sing, right? "

Kazuya nodded, perplexed, scared.

Jin had really become a man.

"I'm not saying to do so, Kame. I just wanted you to know what were my intentions "

" Thanks ... "he could only murmur, Kazuya, before kissing his mouth.

If I close my eyes, I see all the darkness in front of me.

you help me?


"Akanishi, are you awake?"


"This is the dawning sun"

"Do not go, Kamenashi ...."

When the sun struck full in their faces.

"Akanishi, what are you thinking?"

"Even though my skin is yellow, my life is golden," and stroked his cheek gently, "And you? What are you thinking? "

"You can change your world"

Jin smiled, "I wish I was there in my world only you"

"It's like this."


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